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"miffy's garden"

Mosselman Holland BV introduces, under the brandname, miffy flowerbulb- and seedproducts for children. Miffy attracts children in an almost naturel way. The illustrations appeal very much to children as wel as to their parents, due to the basic colours and the peace that they radiate. Mosselman Holland BV has made the right choice with this innovating concept to learn children grow flowers and plants in a playfull way. It appeales to everyone.

Dick Bruna, the creator of miffy has always tried to teach children something in a playfull way with his creations. That is why Mosselman Holland BV has developed a number of flowerbulb- and seedproducts for young children, with miffy illustrations. Products with which children learn to have fun with the sowing and growing of plants. For this purpose they have choosen an assortment with fastgrowing products with a swift result so that they appeal much to young children. For example the growing of Helianthus or Oxalis. Very original is the so called Magic Bean with an illustration of miffy on it, that stays visible during the growing of the bean! But also the development from a flowerbulb to a flower is of course a very special experience. Therefore there are also tulips, daffodils, anemones and crocusses in the miffy assortment. An important advantage is that the children have an attractive item, with a miffy illustration on it, immediately after sowing or planting the product. All together a well-considered concept with a marvelous radiation that surely earns a welchoosen place in the shop shelf. On the website you can see the available products and more information.

Illustrations Dick Bruna © copyright Mercis 1953 - 2014